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Somekobo 1907


Somekobo 1907, located in Asakusa, Tokyo, is a dyeing workshop/store where beginners can enjoy dyeing.

You can make your favorite dyed item by hand and bring back the work on that day. Workshop professionals help you make and finish the work, so there is no worry. Even small kids often visit our workshop.


Indigo means a special color called "Japan Blue." Please experience the fun of dyeing and unique Japanese traditional culture. We hope that your stay in Japan will be more enjoyable through workshop experience.

Indigo dyeing workshop

Somekobo 1907 is a hand-made dyeing workshop/store located in Asakusa, Tokyo. Here, you can enjoy making your own dyed item with professionals.

Menu of items

Workshop experience, guided by a professional, usually takes about one hour. You can make a dyed item and bring it back after work.



You can dye your own shirt.

It costs 2,500 yen lighter than 100g.

If the of T-shirt is heavier than 100g,it costs 25 yen per 1g.

If it is natural fiber,it will be dyed.

For example,cotton,linen,and silk.Polyester cannot be dyed.

Steps for dyeing

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